Eric Askue

Eric Askue

Eric Askue (pronounced ‘ask-you’) is a 3D printing artist with nearly 15 years of experience in the art form. A former instructor at Full Sail University, Eric has years of experience teaching and explaining how to use 3D printing for the manufacture of many different items for use in various industries.

With his background as a 3D artist in sculpture and toy design, Eric excels at thinking about projects ‘inside the box’ of the computer during the design phase while simultaneously considering how those choices will express and work during the manufacturing phase and in the final result ‘outside the box’.

Eric formed the company Bad Tentacles in 2017 to promote his art work. Bad Tentacles presently has a product line called Worlds Over Run which offers unique and unexpected terrain options for home 3D printing. He enjoys making characters and worlds, telling stories and adventures through his technical and creative work.

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