Joanie Papillon

Joanie Papillon

From Montreal, Joanie detains a DEC in Classical Dance (Ballet Divertimento) and an Enriched Performing Arts Diploma from the Canadian College of Performing Arts (CCPA) in Victoria, BC. She founded Meute Monde in March 2018, with the hope to create accessible multidisciplinary entertainment for youth and families.

Some of her favorite credits include “The Smile Club”. Trip The Light Fantastic; “The Peace Dancer”. Puppets For Peace; “Rocky Horror Live Show”. Atomic Vaudeville; “Macbeth” & “Twelfth Night”. Greater Victoria Shakespeare Festival; “Pretty Good Not Bad Productions”. Broken Rhythms Victoria.

Joanie has 9 years of experience teaching dance and music to kids aged between 18 months and 16 years. She adores contact with children and thrives to see them marvel every day. Through all her educational and artistic interventions, Joanie encourages personal and intuitive expression. She thus wishes to invite youngsters to discover their identity and make it shine freely.

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