Marilyn O’Connor Miller

Marilyn O’Connor Miller

Marilyn O’Connor Miller weaves stories masterfully to her signature puppets Tiffany and baby Piccolo.  Tiffany is easy for audiences to self identify.  Sharing her perspective with heightened self awareness gives her moment a ‘TIFF TALK’ feeling within a traditional storytelling event.  Marilyn shines telling stories to Piccolo in a slightly different way.  As one child expressed it, “That puppet was magic!  He was real even though we knew he wasn’t!”

Miller’s credits include the award winning ABC Circle 7 TV series, The Hot Fudge Show, as well as countless live appearances in theaters, museums, regional and national puppetry and storytelling festivals, schools and libraries during her 60 year career.  Mime, storytelling and mask studies with Tony Montanaro of Maine, a puppet workshop at Henson Associates and many years of vocal training have added to her expertise.

Photo Credit: Rolande Duprey

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