Suzie Vigon

Suzie Vigon

Suzie Vigon is the creator of “It Smells Like Puppets”. A rag tag cast of characters that appeal to the 18 and up audience. Vigon has worn many hats in her career: Producer, Director, writer, singer, voiceover artist, and puppeteer. In all things creative Vigon strives to “make people feel. Sometimes through laughter, and sometimes through tears.” She is best known for her music video that aired on the Disney channel in the late 90’s, “Hear My Hands.” A song that aimed to help bridge the gap between the Deaf and hearing worlds. In the voiceover world, Vigon was proud to be chosen to be the lead female storyteller for the new children’s interactive toy, “CODI.” and voiced 70 stories. She has worked as a full time Video Producer over the last ten years , producing videos and corporate animations for companies around the country.But it’s puppetry that she is passionate about. With a growing cast of characters, Vigon brings different part of her own personality to light. Monday Mayday is the “Funny Girl,”, Fiona Fairway, the “Scottish Lass with sass,”. Mezmeralda Moonlight the “off beat Vampire” and Skylar Moon, “ the sultry singer and would be sex goddess. “ With a new focus on creating more music, both original and parodies, Vigon released the parody, “Zoom Me’ in August as a cheeky take on what’s sexy in in the dating world of 2020.

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