The Puppet Podcast

The Puppet Podcast

Interviewing puppeteers from all around the world, this is what the Puppet Podcast is all about! Our goal is to motivate, inspire and connect with puppeteers to present them to you so you can discover new talents!

WHY? Because the puppeteer’s community is an AMAZING community that we really want to help become even more known around the world. 
The art of puppetry is magical and helps thousands of people around the world by helping them understand the world that we live in, through puppet shows and puppet education.

The idea for this podcast came to me as I was touring with an “on ice” Cirque du Soleil show and as the ONLY puppeteer of the cast, I wanted to stay connected with the puppeteers community.  

We started a Patreon page to support our work and continue doing our interviews while, at the same time, helping the community by creating online virtual workshops with different kind of puppeteers having mastered different kind of skills and abilities.

Welcome to the Podcast, we hope you’ll like it! 

The Puppet Podcast was created by Elie Castonguay and Caroline Bernier-Dionne. Caroline is the host of the podcast and her big smile is the brand behind the Puppet Podcast. Elie is the marketing and strategy genius, he works on growing the online community and reaching more and more puppeteers from all around the world! He helps the puppeteer’s community with his promotion tips and offers private coaching sessions to puppeteers who wants to learn online strategies to grow their clients base.

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