Welcome to Virtual Puppet Con: Northeast Edition!

Puppetry is a very special art form. A synthesis of other arts and sciences, no puppeteer uses the art form in the same way. Puppeteers take all of the different concepts, ideas, and skills they have gained from other interests and blend them together to communicate in the 4th dimension, through time and space.

The true Art of Puppetry is in the Motion.

A Puppet not in motion is just sculpture. You cannot tell if an object is a good puppet or not unless it is moving. Just as you can’t tell if an instrument sounds good until you hear it, you can’t tell if a puppet communicates well until it is in motion.

And do we have puppets in motion!

Puppeteers from ALL over the Northeast Region of Puppeteers of America have come together, in a way unique to the time of COVID-19, to share their art form with each other and with you, their online audience. Spanning two countries, the Puppeteers of the Northeastern area of the continent of North America are creating in ways they have never done before to reach out and share their ideas and feelings through this vast and varied art form we call Puppetry.

My personal definition of Puppetry has evolved over 30 years of working with and teaching this Theatrical Art form. That definition is:

“A Puppet is Something that is moved in order to invoke in the Viewer (Audience) the impression that the ‘Thing Being Moved” has Thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions that it does not innately have.”

Using this as a guide, we have invited Puppetry practitioners from as many different areas of use as we could in the brief time we had to come together and support each other and the Region in this fundraising event. We, the Puppetry Community of the Northeast Region, want to be poised and ready to create new worlds to explore, new stories to tell, and new skills to learn in person, and together when we can return to in-person events.

We are so happy you have chosen to join us in this online format, to learn more about the resources in the Region, see fantastic performances, maybe try a new skill or learn some new concepts, and talk to practitioners of the art/craft, meet other enthusiasts of the art form, and maybe find some artists you didn’t know about who you can follow and see in the future in a live performance. We have historical-interest videos and performances, some recorded before COVID with older technology and techniques, some with limited resources during COVID. There are many performances, films, and workshops with puppeteers who are practicing the art form now, who you can interact with in the lobby rooms throughout the week. We also are looking to the future, with new skills and ideas to learn about and share, and an opportunity to take some of those things, create something yourself, and share in a lobby or in the Open Mic (Potpourri) at the end of the event.

We hope you take a look through the schedule and find something you like. On October 12, it all becomes a memory. Let’s enjoy this moment, and celebrate social togetherness in this socially-distanced time through this new use of the online medium of the Internet.

If you have ANY questions, please do go to the contact us page and let us know, or e-mail us at virtualpuppetcon@gmail.com

– Sharon Murphy Boski, Northeast Regional Director and
The Virtual Puppet Con Team




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